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Rifle scope Pilad P3,5x20

Rifle scopes with fixed magnification

The hunting sight P-3,5 is used for sighting aiming by shooting from hunting and sport arms in a working period of temperature from –50 до +50°C. The sight allows to make more accurate aiming in comparison with the ordinary mechanical sights.

The scope presents an optical tube with constant magnification and a moving mechanical reticule in the focal plane of the objective. The aiming line is formed by the top of the vertical hair of the reticule.

The scope has a right hand turret adjusting the horizontal movement of the reticule.


  • T-type

Tech specifiс

  • Magnification, ratio 3,5
  • Angular field of view, degree 4°30'
  • Exit pupil diameter, mm 6
  • Eye relief distance, mm 65
  • Dioptric compensation, dpt ±4
  • Fitting diameter, mm 25,4
  • Objective lens diameter, mm 20
  • Objective tube diameter, mm 24
  • Eyepiece tube diameter, mm 36
  • Click value, cm on every 100 m 3
  • Power supply, 2 batteries -
  • Light transmission, %, not less 80
  • Twilight factor 8,37
  • Length, mm 180
  • Weight, g 250


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