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Type VII (aluminium)

Vertical support mounts

For the placing of the scopes P4х32 (L/M), P6x42(L), P8х48 (L), P8х56 (L), P10x42F(L), P12x50F(L) on the arms "TOZ-78", " TOZ -99", "Ounce", "Elk", "Sable", "Snipe", "IZh-18MN", with transient lath – on "IZh-27", "TOZ -34"; P4х32 (L/M), P3,5х20(C) on "IZh-94" - Taiga (guide width 12 mm), "MR-512", "IZh-60".

Tech specifiс

  • Fixing size of mount, mm 12-13,5
  • Fixing size of scope, mm Ø 25,4
  • Base to apex, mm 36,3
  • Dimensions, mm 35х53х15
  • Weight, g 80


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