Civilian industry products/Devices for forest management and topographic works


Devices for forest management and topographic works

Compass AR-1 is used for terrain orientation, measurement of magnetic azimuths, and construction of horizontal angles. It is used in wood and topographical works. The compass has small sizes. Preparing for work there is no need in orienting scales, because zero level coincides with a magnetic meridian. These advantages make the compass AR-1 easy and handy in use.

Tech specifiс

  • Angles measuring range, degree
  • - horizontal 360
  • - vertical -
  • Points measuring range in each quarter 0-90°
  • Vernier reading value, minutes
  • Measurement uncertainty, not more 10´
  • Base of mechanical dioptrical sights, mm 84
  • Overall dimensions, mm 100х140х140
  • Weight, kg 0,5


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