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Night sight PNS 3х50

Night vision rifle scopes

Night sight PNS 3х50 with I+ Generation image intensifier. It can be used at night with natural light or in full darkness with IR-light switched on.

Brightness control of reticule, dioptric range of eyepiece and an objective over focusing device are included in the sight construction.

Installation of angle taking aim range and side corrections is produced by means of adjustment mechanism.

Main characteristics: image intensifier in ceramic body; improved system of fixing it inside the sight; better working characteristics; stands shock loads of 800 g.

Scope modifications:

- with mounting support "plane";

- with mount LM-prism (Europrism).


  • Pike
  • Cross

Tech specifiс

  • Magnification, ratio 3
  • Max shooting range, m 250
  • Angular field of view, degree 10
  • Resolution in the center of field of view, second of angle 80
  • Dioptric compensation, dpt ± 3
  • Min aiming distance for objective focusing, m 10
  • Exit pupil diameter, mm 6
  • Eye relief distance, mm 50
  • Click value, cm on every 100 m 6.7
  • Power supply, V (2 batteries AA) 3
  • Overall dimensions, mm 215x90x90
  • Weight, g 980


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